Airbrushing Basics

Airbrush Lessons Toronto


  • What is airbrushing?
  • The history of airbrushing
  • What is airbrushing used for?
  • The items one needs to airbrush with?
  • Learning about different airbrushes, compressors, paints and equipment.
  • Testing out different airbrushes, air compressors and paints.

Availability: Monday to Sunday. 9am to 1pm or 2pm to 6pm.
Location: Downtown art studio.
Duration: 4 hours.
Format: 1 on 1, or up to 3 students at a time.
Cost: $200 per student

  • A 50% deposit is required to reserve the time.
  • Payment can be by e-transfer, money order, Paypal, cash and by credit card.
  • The 50% difference in payment is due upon arriving to the lesson.
  • Airbrushing School requires a minimum of 72 hours notice of cancellation of classes.
  • Students do not have to bring anything to class except painting clothes.
  • For a limited time, each student is gifted with a brand name full color informative book on airbrushing, or on another related topic.